Преобразователь Siemens 6SL3700-0LG41-6AA3-ZK76+L42+L45+L87+M07+M27+M43+M70+T85+Y11

  • Производитель: Siemens
  • Код для заказа: 387002
  • Артикул: 6SL3700-0LG41-6AA3-ZK76+L42+L45+L87+M07+M27+M43+M70+T85+Y11
  • Наличие: На заказ

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  • Комментарий: SINAMICS S120 Cabinet Module Line Connection Module 500-690V 3AC, 50/60 Hz Rated current: 1600A Cabinet unit IP20 air cooling K76=Auxiliary voltage generation in Line Connection Module L42=Line Connection Module for active infeed L45=EMERGENCY OFF pushbutton in the cabinet door L87=Insulation monitoring M07=Cable compartment 200 mm high RAL 7035 M27=Side panel mounted to the left M43=Degree of protection IP43 (includes M60) M70=EMC shield bus for line side/motor side T85=Rating plate data in English/Russian Y11=Factory assembly into transport units
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